Beautiful Life

Two years just ran by. 

I still see the days when we strived so hard to convince our parents to make them believe that we really can stay together till fate pulls us apart. 

I still see the days when living together was only a dream and I used to ponder for hours how it feels to live under the same roof.

My happiness knew no bounds when we were officially allowed to share the same roof. But to my astonishment we not only are living together but also are living upto the expectations of anyone who expected a positive outcome.

If I take a pen and start jotting down the differences between our habits and personalities on a paper, I would be the first one to ask for an additional sheet but still your company fills me with positive energy, which drives me up against any obstacle that may have an impact on us.

Marriage is not about the number of things that are common between two people but about the will power to overcome the number of differences that can actually pave a way for them to split.

I seriously pray God to give us many more fun filled years and most importantly give us the necessary ingredients such as patience, adjusting capability, unwavering love, blessed family to make our recipe “Life” a delicious one.